Spam Emails

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We have been made aware of another round of spam emails being sent to users. While we try to have security in place to handle such emails, we cannot always catch them all. If you have received an email asking for money, please do not respond to the email or the private email address that was given by the sender. Please know that users with the names of mdmaier, klassik, and kisscky have been identified as some that have sent such emails and they have been blocked at this time. 

We encourage you to notify CSN of any spam emails you get and please include the user name the emails came from. 

We apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you for your support.



CSN Support Team


  • jujubees1983
    jujubees1983 Member Posts: 4
    No report button

    Why isn't there a report user/message link on e-mails and forum posts? It took me FOREVER to figure out a way to report  the spam message I received and then I didn't get a response to the message I sent....

  • leprechaun2
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    I was hacked too

    and I only have 5 addresses on my email!