On the lighter note

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Within two months  following my surgery my hair turned white. I am not talkin grey here --I am talkin Santa Claus terrirtory.  It was amazing just how many people remembered that TV show " Twin Peaks" from 20 years ago and gave me a hard time. This annoys me because while I may have been overweight I had a pretty good head of brown hair.  I was wondering if anything like this happened to you guys.


  • donna_lee
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    HI Santa

    Stress can make the melanin shut down.  My dad started going gray when he was 31, when my mom went through a difficult delivery at my birth.  I only remember him with some shade of gray hair and he was 31 at the time.

    Wear it with pride.  You've earned your stripes.


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    Colouring In!

    oh yes! I started the Votrient, and my hair first developed a salt and pepper look, then less pepper and more salt. I headed for the a bottle of colourant at that point. My eyebrows are heading the same way, thank goodness for makeup. 

    Djinnie x