One year approaching..

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One year since diagnosis and am happy to report all is well as can be. I have my one year scans coming in June, which marks a year since the surgery. For the most part, the changes in diet have been the biggest struggle. I do a diet journal on an app called fitness pal and after logging what I have eaten each day, no matter how good I think I am doing the sodium is almost always out of suggested ranges. Have been doing fairly well drinking the amounts of water i should have to keep my remaining kidney flushed.

But I guess the main reason for coming here today is to say hello to all of you, especially those of you that helped me through a most difficult period of my life. It has been some time since I last checked in here and I appoloize for that. I am greateful for all you have done for me and I noticed upon checking in that most of you are still here helping the new arrivals the same way. This forum did wonders for me in May/June of last year and for that I thank you. And to the "newbies", you have found the place to come with your concerns. These people bring a wealth of information and encouragement.

In closing, I will strive to do better at keeping in touch. By the way, is Cedar Point still in the works?

Take care,

Dan E.


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    Cedar Point


    Welcome back. Last fall I tried to put together as many of our group as were interested for a trip to Cedar Point "the roller coaster capital of the world". At that time about 15 then members showed an interest.  Our Sindy from paper gown, turning 50 and twinthings fame checked out the Kahkahari resort (the biggest indoor water park in the world) in Sandusky Ohio and gave her stamp of approval over staying onsite at Cedar Point.. I even had t shirts designed for our venture. To test everyone's seriousness I sent out an order for t shirts and only received 2 checks. Here are the proposed tshirts.

    Kalahari was willing to give a 20% or so discount if I guaranteed 10 rooms for 3 nights with a credit card (like $4,800)  Based upon the t shirt response I was not.

    If anyone is still interested I can look into this further, In order to get a discount at Kahlahari I am going to have to have people who will commit.

    Please indicate if you are really interested as well as Private Message me with your email and telephone number to follow up.

    The larger roller coasters at Cedar Point are only for those who have had their surgery last year or before.