Hey Guys Stage IVB Throat Cancer still around

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Hey everyone been forever since I got on here and took a while to get logged in lol BUT... wanted to share that I am still around heading for the 5 year Cancerversary and what I have been up to :) Especially for Newly diagnosed <3 I still stay busy volunteering at our local community center and I have written a book which is being quite well recieved called What to Expect When ou Are Expecting Cancer: A Stage IVB Throat Cancer Survivor Speaks of Life Before, During and Beyond Cancer ... What do you give a loved one who has been given a cancer diagnosis? After a big hug... a copy of this book. <https://tsw.createspace.com/title/4437314&gt;


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    CONGRATS!!!  I am new on here

    CONGRATS!!!  I am new on here and i have 5 more radiation treatments (33 all together) I've done really well, rough there for a few days, new meds helped mouthsores, doin great!!

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    congrats on 5 years and the

    congrats on 5 years and the book!!!  live on.


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    congrats on 5 years and the

    congrats on 5 years and the book!!!  live on.



    I start treatment next Tue. Your news is wonderful!

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    way to go



    Congratulations on your 5 year Cancerversary, a milestone to be sure.

    Is that really you in the mask?  I always feel uncomfortable when I see one.  Did yours have eye holes?

    If I may ask, was your cancer of the throat?  The reason I ask is, I mentioned throat cancer to my ENT and he said “no you have tongue cancer”.  So, I was just wondering.

    It is nice you have documented your journey; mine was documented in emails between me and my siblings.

    Good luck,