Chemo induced diarrhea".....current treatments and side effects"

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Got this in an email and have not read full study accessed by clicking either link at top of this

and from site i often cite (for your sight) 


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    Thanks for sharing

    Thanks for sharing

      My father has had chronic diarrhea for years after chemo (not for crc) and can't.get a doctor to say it's from chemo...or figure it out.

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    I had chornic diarrhea for

    I had chornic diarrhea for about a year.   I went to an infectious disease doctor and found out I had C. Diff.  bacteria taking over my colon flora.   Once we got the C. Diff. under control then I was able to use a Traditional Chineese Medicine herb concotion to keep the diarrhea in check.   I needed the herb for 3 days, and then every now and then when things get a little out of control.  I only need one round of the herbs now because I do not let the bad flora over balance the good flora in my body.


    The TCM herbs is mostly camphor in a liittle pill.  The herbs were not expensive, about $30 for 90 pills.  The side effects were a bad taste after the pill because of the camphor.  I take a glass of juice as a chaser and that helps gett rd of the taste.  This has worked for me for the past 2 1/2 years.


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