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Has anyone here with non hodgkins lymphoma ever get bruising for no apparent reason, no pain no lumps and you know you havent hit anything or bumped into anything?


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    Hi Chris,

     I bruise easily, but only when I bump into something. Haven't experienced bruising like you are talking about. I'm no doctor, but isn't that a sign of internal bleeding? Maybe others will have more info for you. Hope you get this resolved soon. Best wishes...Sue

    (FNHL-stg3-grd2-typA-Dx 6/10-age 63)

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    Hi Chris

    I did a little research and there could be several things behind this but the best advice is to see your doctor.  If you take aspirin or nsaids (like ibuprofen or similar) you might want to discontinue or decrease until you talk to the doctor.  I'm sorry you are having this problem and hope it gets resolved soon.  Please keep us updated.

    Hugs - Jim

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    Hi Chris

    Hi Chris,

    I experienced something like this a long time ago, but it had to do with my platelets. They were very low and I almost had to go through a stem cell transplant. Thank God they gave me a medicine (can't remember the name) and it worked so didn't have to do it in the end! Take care and like my other friends already mentioned, you need to talk to your doc about it. Take care



  • Bruises

    i have suffered leg pain and also bruises with no obvious cause. Thanks Jim, the NSAIDs might be the answer. I do take Celebrex which I know to be an NSAID. i will look into that aspect.

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    not sure

    i have what looks like bruising around my port but its just my skin is a funny color from one of the r-abvd.

    hope it helps


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    Hi Chris.

    How has your bloodwork been? Did you let your MD know about the bruising? I'm a little late with this but just saw it now and hope you got an answer and so glad to see you here.  Love, Mary

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    Low platelet count

    Hey Chris,

    Did the easy bruising occur while your were undergoing treatment or when your platelets were below 150 million? If so, that is the cause of the easy bruising. Platelets essential purpose are to clotting factors in which, the lack of adequate platelets (thrombocytopenia) allows for excessive bleeding (hemorrhaging). Therefore, when you simply bump something you bruise easily because there is not sufficient clotting factors.