Doctors, more Doctors, and expensive Doctors wanting to see me....that and sports cars

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I had my nephrectomay abou 21 months ago.  Yesterday I got a call from the urologist's office (who did the surgery), that he wanted to see me to go over my Path report.  Huh?  We did that 8 days after surgery.  Granted, I have not been to him in a year because I am being followed by a excellent medical oncologist.  The receptionist did check with the Doctor, and corrected about path report, but the Dr still wants to see me.  I have various reasons to not wanting to go...

I fel that when I was having problems (e.g. fever and puss at four weeks), I was not taken seriously until the whole surface wound opened (peritum remain closed, thankfully.)  Also, he shares space with a Primary Care physician that I fired a year ago after he sent me home with crushing chest pains with antacid -- when the problem was caused by a 99% blockage of the left anterior descending artery.  I was lucky in that, when the pain continued, I went to the cardiologist.

Is there any reason to go other than to help the Urologist buy a new sports car?

In the unlikely event that my cancer shows up in the remaining kidney, I will not go to him anyway.  I will go to John's Hopkins (where my new oncologist is).  I have no other urological issues.

I mean, today I am seeing:  Internest, Medical Oncologist, Pulminologist, Cardiologist, and Nephrologist.  


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    If it quacks Like a duck....

    Sounds like the office made a mistake calling you and the doc is thinking 'sure, bring him in anyway.' Either that or there is some CYA (cover your ****) scenario. Either way he should give you a clear, specific reason for wanting to see you after so much time. Does he know that you are being followed by an oncologist?Just saying he wants to "talk" is too vague. Who runs any business that way ?Shame on them for calling first  with bad info (the path report) and then with ridiculously vague non-info. It's doubly shameful since their business is dealing with emotionally fragile patients. Hope that doc NEVER gets his sports car!

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    Just say that appt.

    dhs.  What they did was wrong, wrong, wrong.  How upsetting.  I am so glad that you are not going back there.  Of course if that happened to me, I would call up the office manager and inform them why I am not returning.  Makes ME feel better, and who knows, somebody might actually care.