Getting drain removed

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I'm heading back to Sloan Kettering today to have my drain removed. Had the little sucker in for a week so it's high time, but I'm also getting very anxious. For one, I'm worried that it'll hurt and for another, Dr. Russo might have the pathology report and I'm really scared of it.


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    Doesn't hurt

    I had mine removed the day I came home from the hospital.  Nurse cut the stitches and pulled it out, no pain involved.



  • APny
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    You were lucky. I had to have mine in because it kept leaking. One week was quite enough. Burned like crazy getting it out but not as bad as I feared.

    Here's my path report. Unfortunately it's cancer but could be a lot worse:

    tumor type: clear cell. Stage pT1a

    size: 2.4 cm at mid pole. 3.5 at greatest diameter

    Local invasion: not identified

    Renal vein invasion: not identified

    margins: free of tumor

    adrenal glad : not identified

    lymph nodes: not identified