Unexplained weight loss, anyone have experience with it

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I had unexplained weight loss which lead me to having a ct scan which in turn lead to the discovery of my kidney cancer. After I had my partial nephrectomy the surgeons told me they didn't think it was likely that that small tumor was responsible for my weight loss. So a couple days ago I had upper and lower g.i. endoscopies and got the all clear. It has been 4 weeks since my partial nephrectomy and so far I don't seem to be gaining weight yet, but at least I seem to not be losing anymore. So now I don't what I can do besides give it some time and see if I start gaining some weight. So what I'm wondering is has anyone else had weight loss caused by a small kidney tumor?


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    I had that last year. Was

    I had that last year. Was eating as usual but was losing weight. Also had endoscopy where a biopsy showed I had picked up ghiardia. Two weeks on Flagyl and it was cleared up. I then regained the weight. Of course I alread had my kidney tumor then which none of us knew so it's possible that was doing it but I did regain the weight so most likely it wasn't that. Have them check your poop for parasites especially if you travelled away from home.