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It's been 4 weeks since I finished chemo. Everything is going well: my hands and feet healed up except some nubness and my vitality is coming back although I just did some light gardening and my energy just dropped like crazy. I'm planning on going back to work part time in a month. I hope by then my hands will improve and I will have the energy to get me through the day. Also I'm not sure how my colostomy bag will interfere with work. Well, there is only one way to tell: get started.

It is such a scarry feeling to start planning again after 10 months of endless fear. But this show called Life must go on.

All the best to all of you till next time.



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    Life goes on!

    Hope your life goes on in grand fashion!




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    Keep up the positive and

    Keep up the positive and every thing will fall in place.


    Best Always,  mike

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    Congratulations Laz. I'm

    Congratulations Laz. I'm happy to read your update. Blessings to you today.

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    I'm glad

    I'm glad you are doing better.It will take awhile for your energy to come back.The colostomy bag should be ok depending on what kind of work you do.Just wear clothing kind of loose,and you should be alright.Keep extra bags,and supplies handy just in case.A bag of wet wipes also helps,the flushable kind,you can get them in travel packs.Good luck,and keep getting better.

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    So great to hear it Laz! 

    So great to hear it Laz!  It'll all be back before you know it.  You do have to modify your diet to an incredible degree to go out in public but you'll learn what sets things off and what doesn't.  You'll also learn to say, sorry, surgery, sometimes I can't control that.  It's an interesting ride this life.  So glad you are doing well. 

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    Also now that you can focus

    Also now that you can focus on the ostomy, just a reminder to try the various kinds.  Convex wafers have made my life 1000 times better.  So glad I tried them.  You have to switch between those and the flat ones to avoid pressure sores but it's night and day.  Also if your insurance covers disposable bags, also makes things 1000 times better.  You can call the various companies for free samples.

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    Happy news


    Happy news is always welcome here.  

    It has been an uphill climb rebuilding my confidence and client list.  But, this climb is not one that can't be made.

    My first day following a second Liver surgery was today; only lasted 1/2 day.  Luckily all my appointments were in the morning which made getting out early easier.  

    This is not the first time  I have had to come back and rebuild.  My wife, daughters, counselor and colleagues scolded me for being to hard on myself and expecting too much too fast.  

    They are right and perhaps I will listen this time Wink LOL

    One day at a time and hopefully not too much too fast.