Update: 6 week post op results with MD Anderson and Dr. John Davis

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Ok, So I had robotic assisted radical prostatectomy on January, 14 2013 at MD Anderson with Dr. John Davis. I am 49 years old and had a gleason score of 6 (3+3). He also did a lymph node descretion. I can not say enough about MD anderson and Dr. John Davis and his staff. I was in the hospital for 2 days, went home, had a cathera for 10 days. No pain. Quality of life is comming along well. Had my post-op appt. on February 26, No cancer in lymph nodes and gleason score was the same on the biopsy after surgery and PSA came back 0. Again, In my opinion Dr. Davis is one of the BEST. He has done over 1500 robotic surgery's and his staff is excellent. I could not be happier!!!! Next appointment in 6 months. Thank everyone for their support!!





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    Another good news. Your Zero PSA.


    Best wishes for complete recovery from surgery.


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    MDA and Dr John Davis

    Hope you are now fully recovered. Glad to hear you overcame this. I am due to go in for surgery with Dr. Davis end February 2014 and thought I would reach out to you to share your experience. I am 59, the cancer is still contained and they give me a very good chance of full recovery after I have the prostate removed. I decided to go for robotic and came across Dr Davis. I do not know much about him but since he seemed to be the face of MDA in this field I assumed he was the best.

    Would love to hear from you or anyone else about your experience in MDA and what to expect going forward in terms of full recovery.