Stage 4 stable for 4 years now in liver turning jaundice


My dad was diagnosed 4 years ago with stage 4 colon cancer. 16 lymph nodes were positive for cancer and his peritoneal cavity had a huge tumor. He had surgery and has been on chem. Every 2 weeks. Lately the diisease has progressed. Theres a tumor obstructing the bile duct and 2 small rumors in the liver. Has anyone. Undergone a stent put in or ablation? I wanted to get opinions on different options. He is 68 so major surgeries are not really an option. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated. 


  • lp1964
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    Dear Friends,

    Patient jonnybegood just went through the stent procedure, which they did through the mouth and doesn't seem to be that major.

    Good luck to your dad.


  • PatchAdams
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    68 isn't old!

    Gracious,  I'm 63. 

    Don't ignore the chance for a cure with liver resections! Unless your Dad is in poor health otherwise, he should do just fine with major surgery.

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    Does he have a lot of other health issues,

    other than the cancer?  If not, he should be able to have surgery, unless the cancer is too wide-spread.  Has he gone for a 2nd opinion with a colorectal surgeon?  It's important to talk to a surgeon, and not just the oncologist, because the onc will not always know what is surgically possible.  And surgery is the one sure path to a cure.

    Tell your dad we're thinking of him!


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    Don't think his age precludes surgery.  I was 77 when diagnosed in 2009.  2010 brought me a resection  needing a ileostomy.  Six weeks later a second operation to reverse the Ileostomy.  Expected a third one to correct the fistula the occured after the ileo reversal, but fistula healed itself from the inside out.  Now 81 and still NED.  Good Luck to him !!!

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    not old

    Major surgery when necessary should always be an option. I had my major surgery when I was 66, I am 68 years young now. Feeling better then ever.

    I am looking at another major surgery in the near future but I am trying to postpone for later. So if your fathers health team advises an operation which can make his quality of life better, go for it. It is all about the quality of life.

    Wishing you and your father the best,