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Hello Friends,

The day I was discharged after my rectal resection for stage III CRC, a CEA was done & the result was 2.5 This was on 30th of July 2013. When I went for my 1st cycle of Adjuvant Chemo (Oxy + Xeloda) on 28th of November, my Onc did another CEA test & the result was 2.86 Can my friends who have gone through this process enlighten me as to how good or bad these readings are ? 



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    They are good.  Very much

    They are good.  Very much within normal range.  CEA levels always fluctuate slightly.  These numbers are nothing to worry about.

    Merry Christmas


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    Those are good numbers and you shouldn't be concerned about them. Relax and enjoy those numbers and have a very Merry Christmas.


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    Your CEA numbers are

    Your CEA numbers are wonderbar!  (My best Billie Crystal imiitation.)  It is not uncommon for the CEA to rise during chemo since the chemo throws off the body and it's proteins.  


    If you are feeling better, then you are probably beating cancer!  Chemo is a tough journey.  Eat well, exercise well, and keep your mental health positive!  No matter how horrble I felt when taking chemo, I always felt better after a long walk. I just met one of the local grocercy store clerks. She told me I was one of the regulars. I used to find a reason to get to the local fresh market to get something for dinner.  It got me out of the house and a little social experience.  We always had fresh food for dinnner, and I got out of the house.


    We are sending our thoughts and prayers for your continued strength on your cancer journey.

    Best Always,  mike

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    Not to Worry

    Gavin, those are good numbers...wish mine were so good!!  

    Good advise from Mike about diet and exercise.  

    Wishing you well,


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    Numbers are good.  What they look for are upwards trends.  Also an interesting fact, some people's CEA numbers are not a good marker so it is really different for everyone.  I keep track of mine to look for trends.  At surgery 7.0, after 0.08, 2 years later 0.09.

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    Hello friends,

    I feel really good reading your comments. It’s encouraging. I will fight the beast by the grace of God with your support & guidance.  

    Mike, Thanks for your advice. My darling wife is ever ready to make the foods that I like the most, So I can eat well from the 2nd day of Oxy infusion & not sure whether it is too early to comment on that as I have just started my 2nd cycle of Chemo & have another 6 more cycles to go Cry. I have a pleasant working environment & a wonderful boss. He has given me the liberty of deciding whether to come to office or work from home if I don’t feel well enough to come to office. So the work stress is zero & I am maintaining a good mental balance too. I don't take anything too serious. I am lacking on the exercising part ever since I was diagnosed. Must start going up to the gym again & get on to the Treadmill daily for half & hour.

    I take this opportunity to wish all my friends a Mary Christmas & a Happy New year. May God bless you all.

    Thanks once again.