IV Vitamin C infusion

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Had my first infusion last week.  CEA rose slightly.  Anyone else experience similar ?    Is there a general,pattern.  Have another due in two weeks and don't want to be doing any harm?  Thank you


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    my daughter did iv vitamin c

    my daughter did iv vitamin c all thru her chemo and had good results the iv c should bring cea down if anything. she also did mistletoe injectons. thought i would share her new website  www.bethanywithacherryontop.com

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    a view

    My wife uses IV vitamin C much more aggressively with other treatments including backbone oral chemo.  IV C on a two week interval will wipeout histamine accumulation (which triggers VEGF) and some vitamin C deficits temporarily, help with wounds and illnesses. Frequent IV C reduces systemic inflammation as measured by ESR and hsCRP,  and potentiates some anticancer combinations.  We always measure CEA on a day after IV C, within 14-30 hrs, it stabilizes her CEA meaurements for clear trends, +0.2.   IV vitamin C works with other good treatments, not instead of.  IV C also helps reduce oral chemo side effects.  My wife has never been more than 7 days between IV vit C since her first surgery 3.6 yrs ago, again, with a lot of other alternative treatment and oral chemo.

    The best we've done with small CEA rises are clear (multiple points over 1-3 months), temporary elevations that return to baseline, while doing more intensified cancer therapy supplements with the oral chemo.  One continued CEA trend upward meant surgery.