5000mg per day?

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After 4 rounds of Folfox my oncologist is concerned that the numbness I feel in my toes and fingers is getting serious. I was gonna get two more rounds of Folfox, but now he just wants me to do 5 rounds of 5000mg a day for 2 weeks and 1 week break. He showed me the charts and calculations and it looked acurate. I'm 175 lbs. Has any of you taken this much Xeloda a day?



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    I have never taken Zeloda.  

    Sounds like your Onc is creative and thinking. 

    I hope that this new approach proves helpful.

    Hope and Peace


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    I have taken quite a bit of xeloda and i take 3500, 4 in the morning and 3 at night. I weigh a about 135. Hope it works for you and that you tolerate it well.  Ann 

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    3000 a day

    I now weigh 140 but when I was taking Xeloda back in 2010 it was 3000 mg for 170 pounds.

    Winter Marie

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    3000 a day

    I now weigh 140 but when I was taking Xeloda back in 2010 it was 3000 mg for 170 pounds.

    Winter Marie

    3000 max

    Started with three 500 mg, twice a day, two weeks on, one week off.  Then went to two, 500 mg twice a day, 7 days on, 7 days off. 


    Thats a lot of Xeloda. 

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    4000 was my max....sometimes on 14 on and 7 off....then we switched to 7 on and 7 off....

    5000 is going to build up the toxicity pretty quick, Laz.

    get yourself a tin of bag balm or some other emollient and begin slathering it on your feet 3x a day....and then put socks on over....will help keep your feet from cracking and peeling as badly.


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    X marks the molecules

    That's pretty high, Laz, especially for the US.  The usual maximum tolerable dose recommendations in the literature are 2500mg/m2 for Europe and 2000 mg/m2 for the US, the difference probably being folic acid content in the US diet like multivitamins, enriched flours and willy nilly vitamin containing drinks. One toxicity paper.  Oncs starting full blast expect to reduce the capecitabine amount sooner or later in most patients as too high due to side effects like HFS.  Also changing from infused 5FU-high LV to capecitabine has had noticeable side effects the first few weeks in many capecitabine patients. 

    One probably can maximize their experience by ruthlessly eliminating folic acid.  My wife increased her oral 5FU chemo dose with UFT,  +33% with fewer side effects, by totally getting rid of her 1-2 mg folic acid load.   Leucovorin has some effect on xeloda, both slight side effects and cancer tx potentiation, increasing with dose.  

    My wife reduces toxicity on good cells with natural L5MTHF (the folate in liver). The tumor cells suck up the leucovorin because their 5FU -  thymidylate synthase (TS) binding is over 100x higher, similar to TS binding for capecitabine when/if it's activated by metabolism. Again her oral 5FU chemo molecule, tegafur, is not the same molecule as capecitabine.   

    Many enzyme systems affect the performance and side effects.  Rigorous MTD dosing schedules mean you're the guinea pig to find out.