Going Hypothyroid for test & I am not sure if these symptoms are common

Hi  I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer last month,  had 2 surgeries within 3 weeks and feel not so great.    I did have meds that were good and helped but now I am in the process of going Hypo as they say for a test and scan.    I went for blood tests for the scan but they said I wasnt HYPO ENOUGH.  Go figure.    It has been almost a month now without meds so I am not sure why I am not Hypo enough.  


My questions to anyone who has had thyroid cancer are:     Does anyone else out there have any vision disturbances while being Hypothyroid?      

I swear my vision has worsened and is not clear anymore. I used to need reading glasses for very small print but now I feel like bright screens are blurry, words get blurry and I also feel like I have to wear my reading glasses about 60% of the time now and I hate it.

Is everyone experienceing brain fog and forgetfullness?


does anyone else get tired eyes where your eyeballs feel big and heavy?

Is everyone getting or feeling bloated and puffy even though your diet has not changed?

Is anyone else very irritable, moody, not in the mood for anyting, and in basically just a little energy in the morning and then downhill from there the rest of the day?

My scar on my neck has a few lumps in it? Do these go away with time?  (I am hoping they will) I am only 40 and I dont want a lumpy neck.    



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    going hypothyroid

    I think you are about two weeks ahead of me.  I had the two surgeries, and the next phase, starting in two weeks, is to cut off the thyroid meds, go on the no iodine diet, and then take the RAI pill (or drink it from a lead cup?).  And then two days or so of isolation from other human beings.

    Have you already gone through this?  From what you say, it sounds like the hypothyroid phase is no fun.