pancreatic cancer

    Hi!  My name is Becky and my dad has pancreatic cancer.  He was originally diagnosed in the spring of 2008.  He had the whipple procedure, chemo and radiation.  He was blessed enough to beat the cancer until now. He went last week for his yearly cat scan and blood work and was told by his cancer doctor that there wad a small spot on what is left of his pancreas.  The blood work came out clean and so she thought the spot was benign, but told him to see the surgeon.  He is going next week to Cleveland to see his surgeon that did his last surgery.  I am so scared that it is back.  I guess I am looking for advice or similar situations.  I love my dad so much and I know he is a fighter.



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    The waiting is always the hardest, the not knowing. just hang in there. Cross your fingers, say a prayer or two, or whatever you do to ask for good outcomes. Once you know what you are dealing with is plenty of time to make a plan or celebrate. Whatever the outcome, you can deal with it. I would suggest that you post on the "caregiver" board. It is above this one and second in the "other discussion" boards. It gets a lot more traffic and there are many good people on it who can offer suggestions and support.