Digital check after prostate surgery??

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After radiation at Loma Linda U in CA I was told we  (group finishing radiation in the next week or so- about 20 of us) still needed to have our prostate checked even if we don't have one.  That was about 4 yrs ago and I have yet to have a doctor indicate I need to do a digital exam on me.  Has anyone had a digital exam since prostate removal?


The doc at LLU told me I still needed to be checked to be sure the tissue was smooth- no lumps or pumps.


I have been wondering, if it is important, why no other doctor has suggested the good o' finger exam.




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    DRE and Paresthesia


    I also was surprised with the "digital-check" by two doctors after surgery. In my case recurrence was aparent soon after RP and the doctors performed DRE when I was consulting for a salvage therapy.
    This is back in 2001 when most MRI and CT scans where questionable in being able in detecting micrometastases. At MSKCC, the famous PCa Oncologist Susan Slovin did DRE and I though anecdotely that she was looking for the prostate or any portion left behind.
    The prostate bed is the closest area where cancer could settle and make a colony. But a 5mm sized tumour that could be felt to the touch by most of us, also could be detected by a traditional scan. These doctors seem so good with DRE that it would surprise me if they do not get paresthesia at older age.