Open partial nephrectomy tumor left lower 4.1


 Hi I'm 39 yr old male .. Update : diverticulitis never cleared up so I have to get partial colectomy done( damaged area of lower intestines) removed.. And now it has to be open .. I have one of the best dr in the u.s.  Dr wood.. Got lucky I guess.. He says w Open PN it will take 3 days in hospital and 4to 6 out of work ... Anyone have a same situtaion! Please I need info on Healing Process.. 


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    I suspect you meant 4 to 6

    I suspect you meant 4 to 6 weeks out of work, which may be about right... sometimes longer.  There are many people here that have been there before, it may be better if you do a search and then you will get a better idea of others experiences.

    Good Luck.