Health Insurance.....buyer beware

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I hate to bring up a sore subject, but I am in the process of reading health insurance plans because I buy on the direct market and my plan will end. Not only have the costs gone way up, but I want to caution everyone to read the fine print and double check the networks, most of which have changed! Networks of providers and hospitals have become very limited. This may effect whether you can continue to get cancer care at the the hospital you now go to. I highly suggest that you all double check your plans and networks and individual providers. Everything is reset on Jan. 1 2014. Do not assume that nothing will change in the fine print!!!!


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    All good points--thank you for the heads up.  I have noticed on FB a lot of people saying their ins. has not changed.  I hate to remind those people that their ins. co. still has time to make changes before Jan. 1st., but it's the truth.