DNA, Genes, and Genomic structure

There's been some interest shown in how the science of genomic testing is evolving cancer research to new studies and testing to identify certain traits in the cancer cells that can be treated specifically.  Genomic structure refers to the exact sequencing and structure if a gene.  Just as none of us has the same DNA structure that determines hair color, facial features, size, and genes; none of us has exactly the same genomic structure of our cancer, even though it may be catagorized as an adenocarcinoma.  New advances allows genetic scientists to determine what that genomoc structure is. The technology provides insights into development of pharmocologic interventions aimed directly at those cancer genes which are individual to each persons cancer cells.

The technology is new and you need a PhD in genetic biochemistry to begin to understand it. There are a few phase one and phase two trials going on at exclusive research facilities.  Some of these trials are showing good results. I have been accepted for a consult at Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center in Dallas to see if I am a candidate for one of these trials. I will see the doctor who has said there are several options to discuss on Monday. I am more than willing to dive in head first for a chance to stop the spread and hopefully kill the cancer that continues to invade my body. I beleive this is the treatment of the future.  I just hope that it becomes approved for general use sooner than later.  Breast cancer and melanomas were the first big break throughs in this technology.  Some of those treatments are entering phase 3 testing.

There's hope on the horizon, hang in there with me.   Dan    


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    Sounds exciting.

    I agree with you on every level. Keep us posted how it goes.

    Let us not forget that finding cure is important, but hundreds of millions of people do things daily (smoking, diet, stress, alcohol etc.) that may lead to cancer and we spend billions on cancer research and almost nothing on prevention. Same goes for drugs, obesity, alcoholism, stress etc.