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when i was just 18 years old I had a non cancer PHYLLODES TUMOR in my left breast.  I didn't tell my parents for the longest time. i was terrified.

I finally told my Mom and was taken to doctor after doctor.  Finally I was told that I would have to have surgery to remove my tumor.


it was April of 1973. The tumor took up most of my left breast so they removed the whole thing. 


I am now 58. I never had lymp nodes removed and have had some reconstructive surgery but my left side is way smaller than my right side.


is,there anyone here that has gone through the same type of tumor?  I would love to connect with someone. If so my email address is: Pit PHYLLODES tumor in the subject. 









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    Have you had a conversation w any Plastic Surgeon??

    Phyllodes Tumors

    Most Phyllodes tumors are benign, but 10 percent are malignant (cancerous). Cancerous Phyllodes tumors are an unusual presentation of breast cancer. These tumors are a form of sarcoma because they grow in the connective tissue of the breast, not in the ducts. This cancer is so rare that a confirmation by a second pathologist is required.

    What are the symptoms of Phyllodes tumors?

    These tumors will usually present as a smooth lump felt beneath the skin. The breast may become red or warm to the touch. These tumors can grow very fast, so it is important to have them evaluated as soon as possible. Symptoms can also mimic those of other types of breast cancer.