Slight vaginal bleeding after bowel movement

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I'll be calling my gyn onc when the office opens, but I thought I'd ask if any of you have had this problem.  Last night, after a bought of diahrrea, I had some slight bright red vaginal bleeding.  I'm post-hyterectomy, post-chemo, post-pelvic radiation and I currently take Tamoxifen and Megace.  My diagnosis is stage IVb endometrial adenocarcinoma.  I've been NED for six months and feeling pretty darned good.

I have had a fair amount of vaginal dryness and some atrophy, especially after starting the Tamoxifen, but I do use a vaginal dilator and have occasional intercourse, with lots of lubricant.  Sometimes, I'll bleed after intercourse, but I know that can happen with my now fragile vaginal tissue and, according to my gyn onc, not a cause for alarm, in terms of worrying about cancer recurrence.

However, I haven't had vaginal bleeding with a bowel movement before, and I just wondered if anyone else has had this and what their doctor may have advised them.

Thanks all for any insight you can share.  



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    because you say "you had Last night, after a bought of diahrrea"  there is always the possibility of hemorrhoids. Do you have any history of that?  You should definately call you dr and explain the situation. Even if they think it is nothing it is important for them to know and document in your file.

    i did have a similar situation but it appeared to not be vaginal bleeding, but woke up with some blood stains and it appeared more rectal.  I have had a history of hemorrhoids as well as bike a lot so we categoized it as that but if anything persisted we were going to review further as I had just had a cat scan.  

    Good luck and my philosophy is you can't bother the dr's enough and let us know how you make out.