Floating stools, nausea, bloating and lower back pain

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I was diagnosed with stage 2 colorectal cancer in Jan 2012 with no nodes and had LAR surgery in April 2012 and had reversal of ileostomy in September 2012. Tumor was removed with LAR with clear margins. Colonoscopy in January came all clear and PET Scan in October of this year showed an 8 cm mass in the presacral area which had high glucose uptake of 6 and which had actually shrunk from 12 cm (During CT scan done in Aug of 2012 during which time it showed a glucose uptake of 4). My CEA has been normal at 0.5 all throughout after my surgery however it was 2.1 when I was first diagnosed back in Jan 2012. Since the last few weeks I have had mild nausea, hearburn, bloating and a feeling of fullness along with floating stools (on and off) and lower back pain. They did an endoscopy in July of 2013 and found mild Acid reflux (GERD). I am concerned about my lower back pain and other symptons along with the mass. Anybody in similar situation?

Appreciate any help!



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    Hi Jack

    I don't know what your symptoms may or may not indicate.  It would be best if you would check in with your gastro doc and get an informed opinion.

    Wishing you the best,

    Marie who loves kitties