Runny nose and teary eyes after saline?

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Each time I got Folfox IV I got constant runny nose and constant teary eyes for a few days. I thought it was the side effect of one of the medicins. Since the last Folfox I only have my PICC line flushed once a week with a 100cc saline and after each flushing I get this runny nose and teary eyes for days. Feels like allergy. In fact at the beginning of the first Folfox treatment during the saline I almost passed out, my blood pressure dropped, sweated. I searched and found that even though it's extremely rare, but there is such a thing as allergy to saline. With the upcoming surgery I'm concerned, because I'm sure I'll get a lot of saline.

Did any of you have runny nose and tears after saline or Folfox?




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    Yes Laz I too get runny nose and teary eyes for days after treatment. Not quite sure what is causing it....but I sleep with the tissue box next to me. I will ask my onc when I see him this Thursday and let you know the feedback.

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    Steve had this effect, as

    Steve had this effect, as well.  Tried OTC allergy meds.  Didn't work.  His onc said it was a side effect of the 5FU.