Bathing non ambulatory

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I would like to know the problems and solutions for bathing the non-ambulatory.  Thanks



  • Susan P
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    I bathe with help using a bath bench that straddles the tub

    Hi Doris I am paralyzed on left side due tyo severe stroke & giant brain aanmeurism 12 years ago  I definitely cannot get up & down in a tub.



    How trstricted are you?

    confined to wheel cchair?

    Can you stand for a minute or two with help?


    I use my cane to stand in front of the seat that sits outside the tub - then have help scooting into the tub from the outside edge.& help to get my legs in

    Reverse the process to get out hep to dry my legs& feet  and to put my knee braces &socks & shoes on.

     benches are available at homecare stores  google them- you may get  bath chairs  along with benches- this one straddles the tub almost1/2 in & 1/2 out.



    it depends on your ability to stanmd long enjough to sit on the bench part that is out of the tub. or transfer from wheel chair.

    I am in Canada & here it would be an occupational therapist twhot would figure out whwhat you need iin order to bathe.  They are trained to figure out how patients can do .

    things necessary for daily living.



    Hope this is a start for you

    Susan P from Alberta Canada