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Tina Blondek
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Hello To All,

I have been here since 2009, when my dad was battling Esophageal Cancer stage 4. He passed in 2010.

I am posting this here today to ask for your prayers for my mom. She does not have cancer, but I know

my friends here will help me in praying for her. She has had diabetes type 1 since she was 15. She is

now 70 and is having trouble with diabetic neuropathy and poor circulation in her legs and feet. I

took her to the vasular surgeon this week. He is sending her for a cat scan on 9/24 of her lower body.

If the results of this cat scan show she has a total blockage in her aortic artery, he will have to perform

surgery. He is confident that the surgery will be a success, and she will have a 95% improvement in

her circulation. The hardest part will be the recovery. Dr said it will take at least two months.

I am just reaching out to you my fellow caregivers to pray for both of us at this time. Thank

you all as always! I know I can always come here to lean on you!

Tina in Va


  • Noellesmom
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    lifting prayers

    Thinking about your mom and you during this difficult time, Tina.

  • grandmafay
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    Hugs and prayers coming your way. Whatever the health problems, we still care and worry about our moms.  Take care. Fay

  • grandmafay
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    How is your mom doing?