Can I receive TRT 5 yrs after prostatectomy?

I'm 53 yrs old, middle school teacher, campus tech and IT Facilorator (new responsibility). This takes lots of energy, which i really dont have anymore, task concentration, which I'm lacking,  enjoyment of life is waning, probably depressed. no sex life anymore to compared to just several years ago. i have 7 grandkids and 6 of 7 play orts which are difficult to attend becuse of my lack of motivation and energy. Quality of life sucks right nowl 

Testoserone level is 314, was 334 lastly year, not sure how to read the free testosterone level. My PCP says I'm in the normal range which is 292 - 814 (I'm not sure about the upper end). He refuses to discuss TRT because of my prostatectomy Dec. 2008.

why live this way? 

What doctor should I see? Endocrinologist or urologist? 



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    My friend, congratulations!!!  You are about to acquire a new quality of life that you never could imagine existed!!  And that is the gift that your depression is going to give to you.  Yes, your problem is not T, but depression.  (We will deal with the T later.)  I am manic depressive, an inherited ghastly form of acute depression that has decimated my family with suicides, alcoholism and drug addiction.  Here is a step by step program to change your life forever.

        Depression is like going down into a black hole, and the further you go down, the harder it is to get out, and very often people chose suicide.  But depression is a matter of the mind, so the first step is to retrain the mind.  We will do this thru education and meditation.  Nevermind the meds of Drs. which will only mask the symptoms for a short while and create worse problems in the future.  Depression can ONLY occur if your mind is living in the past or the future.  For most, the past is a nightmare and the future does not exist for anyone.  The only thing you can know about the future is that it will NOT be like you dream it will be.  So, we will learn to live only in the present moment, the Here and Now, and learn to stay away from the past and future.

     First step is to buy two books by Eckhart Tolle.  The Power of Now, and A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.  Both of these books were on the NY Times best seller list for many months, and have been very successful in helping millions.  They will show you how to learn to think in new ways so that depression cannot destroy your life ever again.  The purpose of meditation is to stop the thinking process and to learn to live in the moment.  You will need to find a meditation group in your town to learn.  You can go to and check out the meditations.  The king is Dynamic, but, believe me, this is a tough one, but by far the most effective.  If you ever decide to do Dynamic, it will stop the mind  in just a few days, but you will need to continue.   And do not think that meditation is only sitting.  There are physically active meditations as well, and Dynamic is the most active.   I will also be available to help in any way I can. 

           Endorphins are produced in the brain and are nature’s tranquillizers.  However, they are only produced in abundance thru exercise, and that exercise must be strenuous and continuous for at least 45 minutes.  You have to choose.  Perhaps running, weight lifiting, aerobics,Tai Chi or whatever your choice is.  Golf and Tennis wont cut it. But, you MUST do this, and it must be very  regular and strenuous.  If you do Dynamic, you will not have to exercise, but it is better to do both.  I did Dynamic every day for two years, only missing twelve days because of illness, and I still do it once in a while today. 

       This is your starter program.  Let me know what you think and if you want to continue.  I doubt that you will find ANY dr. who will endorse TRT.  The manual is Testosterone for Life by Dr. Morganthaller.  I have it and will contact you if you want it sent.  If you read this book, you may find that you are an ideal candidate for TRT.   It is an e book.  Let meknow if you want more advice.  Believe me, your depression is trying to give you a great gift.  Pay attention.  Change  is difficult, but NOT changing is even more difficult and full of suffering.  Love, Rakendra.

    PS:  The Secret of Life is to learn to live totally in the moment and to be continually grateful for everything you have been given, whether you like it or not.

    PPS  Of course, here is another idea.

    When there is depression, allow it to be. Don’t get depressed about it. If you want to remove it sooner, you will get depressed. If you fight it, you will create a secondary depression, which is dangerous. The first depression is beautiful, God-given. The second depression is your own. It is not God-given, it is mental. Then you will move in mental grooves – they are infinite.

    If you get depressed, be happy that you are depressed and allow thedepression to be. Then, suddenly the depression will disappear and there will be a breakthrough. There will be no clouds and the sky will be clear. For a single moment, heaven opens for you. If you are not depressed about yourdepression you can contact, you can commune, you can enter this heavenly gate. And once you know it, you have learned one of the ultimate laws of life: life uses the opposite as a teacher, as a background.

    Nothing is wrong, everything is good and for the good. This is what I call a religious attitude. You may not believe in God – that makes no difference. Buddha never believed in God, Mahavira never believed in God, but they were religious. There is no need to believe in an afterlife – no need. You can still be religious. There is no need even to believe in a soul; you can be religious without believing in it.

    Then what is religion? Religion means this trust: that everything is for the good. This trust that everything is for the good is a religious mind. This is religiousness. And if you trust that everything is for the good, you will come to realize the divine. The divine can be realized through such a trust.

    Even the storm is for silence. Evil is for the good; death is for more life. And suffering and agony are just situations in which ecstasy can happen.

    Look at life in this way, and the moment will not be far away when suffering will disappear completely, when pain will disappear completely, when death will disappear completely for you. Because one who thinks – andknows – that agony is for ecstasy, cannot be agonized. One who knows and feels and realizes that suffering is for happiness, cannot be made to suffer – impossible. He is using suffering itself to be happier, and he is using agony itself as a step toward ecstasy. He has gone beyond the clutches of the world. He has gone beyond; he has taken a jump out of the wheel of sansar.

    The opening of the bloom is the glorious moment when perception awakes: with it comes confidence, knowledge, certainty….

    When the disciple is ready to learn, then he is accepted, acknowledged, recognized. It must be so, for he has lit his lamp, and it cannot be hidden.

    These written above are the first of the rules which are written on the walls of the hall of learning. Those that ask shall have. Those that desire to read shall read. Those who desire to learn shall learn.







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    What a wonderful post. Your words are like crystalline water. It makes me feel at easy and I would like to learn more about “Depression” and about the ways to deal with it. We in our boat are more or less in depression for some extent without realizing it. How could we try to avoid it in easy steps?

    I agree with your comment to Whitehat regarding T. His T level circulating in his body at 314 seems natural and enough for normal living. Why requesting for more?
    He may be in depression without realizing. I wonder if Sex would lead the brain to produce Endorphins.

    Can I request you for more details on this subject? Can you enlighten us with your life experiences in dealing with depression?

    Many thanks from my corner.


    VGama  Smile