Anyone Get Reader's Digest?

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I came across an interesting tidbit in the new edition of the Reader's Digest.  Knitted Knockers (aka knitted boobs).  Anyone ever hear of this before?  I hadn't. 

This link tells more about the idea and how it started, as well as the goals of the group.  It is rather interesting.


  • Rague
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    Those sites posted before here.

    There have been a lot of sites with directions for kniting/crocheting 'foobs' here before.  (google it and get LOTS of places.)

    Personally - I 'love' my pros (loved my 1st also but weight loose needed to get my new one) and could not see how I'd think about doing a knitted/crocheted 'whatever'.  There are some very inexpensive 'fluffs' you can get to use right after surgery until the time is right to get the 'good one'.  My local ACS sent me a 'care package' with one it for me after surgery.  Worked great til I was ready for the good pros.

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