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feelingIt feeling left out; could be my paranoia or my posts aren't coming through. 

My husband iis having a nephrectomy this Friday; the surgeon is guessing from the MRI that it's probably a grade 3 since it has spread to two spots on thso spine. The lumbar met was surgically removed ana titanium was used as fusion. The thoracic met is small and received 5 rounds of cyber radiation.

The pathology on the lumbar confirms it was renal cancer; it also describes it as clear cell renal.

he has lost a lot of weight from the loss of appetite that the cyber treatments caused and weight loss from a 15 day partial intestinal blockage.

this week he felt more energetic and he is again eating high calorie food with his appetite restored.

what can we expect from this upcoming surgery? The surgeon will do a laparoscopic  with a 20% chance of having to do an open surgery.



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    The surgery



    Although the surgery is painful, not fun etc. and very routine It is hopefully the key to your husband's recovery. All of us have had it and hopefully the prior tratments have already done their intended job. Just tell your husband it like having a baby. How would I know? I watched Arnold S. in the movie Junior. All kidding aside, if this crybaby got thru it, anybody can