Results of second liver resection :( and next colectomy Tuesday

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So went to see liver surgeon for 3 month check up, liver is doing great in it's recovery from the surgery, however in 3 months since surgery3 new tumors have showed up on it, apparently from the new primary tumor in my colon spreading out it's little cells.  Also because of being off chemo since April, the tumors in lungs and thorax have increased a little.

This "new" primary tumor in the sigmoid colon showed up in October 2012 CT/PT scan but had disappeared after chemo in all subsequent scans (4 to date latest one done Friday) it only showed up after I asked for a colonoscopy in July and they couldn't get the scope to go around it.  Have been trying for surgery since that date, but an error in a CT/PT scan report done before the upcoming colectomy (they listed my lung and thorax tumors as "mm" instead of what they actually were "cm") puttting a stop to the planned surgery.  When my onc went to the radiologists office to personally go over the scan with them (he could not believe they were "mm") then surgery was put back on the plate.

So surgery on sigmoid colon Tuesday, testing to be done on it to see KRAS status, then back to chemo in a month, then back to we shall see what we can do for tumors back in that dang liver.  SHUCKS!!!

So new primary is like being diagnosed all over again with stage IV, kind of strange isn't it? Go through all this starting 3 1/2 years ago, to start full circle again.

Still hanging in there,

Winter Marie


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    Stinky poo

    Sorry, that subject was a saying we had as children in England, but I can't help but think it fits in here. 

    I'm sorry for this new news. It does stink. Cancer stinks! You have already been through so much, and now you are heading into more of everything.  

    Please know that all of my good thoughts (and prayers if your a believer) are with you, and will be especially on Tuesday. 


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    over and over again.

    Winter Marie

    so sorry to read this news.  

    Man, i come to CSN for the first time in like 2 weeks... and you're post is the first I read. So glad I know, so I can add YOU to top of my prayer list.  Keep pushing on.  we all know how hard this is and how hard it is to face this entire battle all over again. But, we're all behind you.

    Hugs and prayers and positive vibes all coming your way.

    my best to you.



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    step at a time my

    And it's  here we go again time! DANG! Maybe transfer more of your growing magic over to your garden lady.  Saw the sea otter population is up around there too and their vibes are awful positive.

    Remember I am still watching you kiddo!

    Sherry *renegade from BC board*

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    Sending you special prayers! 

    Sending you special prayers! 

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    I was crushed to log on and see the difficulty you are encountering.  I am so very sorry.  This just sucks big time. 

    Love and Hugs - Tina

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    Dear Marie,

    I wish you good luck with your surgery and a very Speedy Gonzales recovery.