In Healthcare for 17 years and would like to talk about a cure or what's out there for treatment

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HI everyone

I am new to this group. I am 34 years and I just lost my mom to cervical cancer last year. Her story is that she waited 8 years to get a pap and she was diagnosed in 1995. At that point she had to have a Hysterectomy and a lymph node removed. She was rediagnosed in oct 2010 w 4th stage after she biopsied a swollen lymph node. I had a negative pap around same time she was sick and found out I have stage 1. I had a LEEP and now I am researching Cancer prevention and treatment. I have founds a lot of info and would like to share and maybe get feedback from other people. My mom was my best friend and her death has inspired me to dedicate my life to helping cure cancer and helping cancer patients. Would love to speak with anyone man or woman. Thanks




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    With stage 1 you are probably covered for a pap every 6 months which, according to my docs, makes this a totally preventable tragedy.  Just remain diligent.  All the best to you.