Just a bit of good news ...

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As I am finishing up my second to last Folfiri treatment and two full years of surgeries, treatments, scans, and all the rest that comes with this monster ... I am taking just a moment to enjoy my bit of good news.  I HAD A CLEAN CT SCAN!!!  

I know this is probably just temporary .. but it will feel good for a bit and I am going to enjoy life with no treatment for at least the next 3 months until the next scan! (God willing) Cool

My biggest hope is to enjoy this upcoming school year and actually be able to be part of my last child making his mark through the halls of High School!! I just hope and pray every day to see his graduation (we have 3 years to go) ... this is not what I had planned butn I try to be positive and make a difference every day to someones life, and most of all teach my children how to LIVE LIFE!!! I do still cry every now and again ... but it is ok ... if I only allow it in for a few moments.


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    We learn to celebrate all good news - and you just got some.  Enjoy!

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    That's great news!

    I too mark the days by by kids' milestones...and high school graduation is a huge one!  Both of my older kids graduated last year (one several years late, but better late than never), and I was really happy to be here to see it, against all odds.  Hopefully, this clean scan will be the start of a period of good health for you that will just keeo going, to that graduation in a few years, and well beyond!

    Big hugs!  AA

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    Congratulations for your

    Congratulations for your great news!   We need to share our positive news with each other.  


    Keep up the good fight.


    Best Aways,  mike

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    that's awesome news.  May you continue to get clear scans.  Enjoy your family.

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    I too marked everything based on the kids schedules.  It really helped get through alot of stuff.

    So happy for you.

    Sending hugs ()()()

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    I hope its long lasting!
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    Congrats!  That's really

    Congrats!  That's really news!