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Thinking about it, I believe I started having "chemo brain" before I started chemo back in May After my diagnosis.

The definition of chemo brains: difficulty of remembering names, common words, multitasking, concentrating, short attention plan. I think it should be added that patients are also extremely emotional. I myself feel strong most of the time, but the slightest little thing can make me cry even without feeling sad. 

I think chemo brain has two causes at least. There is no doubt that the chemo messes up your central (brain) and periferial (fingers, toes) neurological system. It causes all the mental and psychological symptoms in the brains mentioned above and the neuropathy.

There is also an othe factor. Even though its been 3 months since my diagnosis, there hasn't been a minute I haven't thought about my cancer. Some of you have been in it lot longer and you tell me that this really doesn't change. So how could you concentrate, have quick good memory when you have something like cancer constantly on your mind all the time. That is enough distraction in itself.

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    I had the first cancer in the

    I had the first cancer in the year 2000, at that time my brain was quick and useful, I did not need any chemo.  In the year 2003 I could not work any more, my brain was getting out of focus and I did not know why but doctors talked about depression and gave me drugs.  In the year 2010 I was almost brain dead, I knew that something big was going on but the doctors never doupted them self and kept on giving me these drugs.  In july 2010 I stopped on all drugs my self and I felt better, I started to talk again but I felt something was still wrong, in october 2010 I got very sick and got colonscopy and got diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3c - the doctors told me that it had been growing inside my colon for about 10 years.  I had chemo for 6 months and finished in May 2011, my brain is coming back, very slowely but I feel the diffrence, 6 months ago I was not like I am now.   And about thinking of cancer, I feel very lucky today, I know I can get cancer for the third time and I think that will be it, I so enjoy my life now, one day after another and one day it will be over, it was ment to be like that for all of us.  I enjoy while I can, while I have the chance  Cool

    I hope you can enjoy the day today, that is all you have at the moment Wink