Pat's latest CT scan

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Pat had a CT scan of the chest, abdomen & pelvis on 8/13.  There is progressive decrease in the leisons in his lungs.  In fact, the one in his right upper lobe has decreased from 5 mm, to 3 mm.  In his upper left lobe, the nodule has gone from 16 x 15 mm to 15 x 8!  Also, no new pulmonary nodules are present.

No change in size with his metastatic lesions in his liver but they have decreased in density.  I really am not sure what that means...density?  We were so glad that the findings were positive/stable that we forgot to ask the oncologist what that meant.  We will ask next visit.  Does any one on here know how density applies to liver mets?

So conclusions were: Improving pulmonary metastasis, improving hepatic metastasis, stable peritoneal metastasis.  

All else is good with Pat, he is working and feeling well.  There was an issue with his port today, so no chemo.  He is going to have to get a chest x-ray to figure out what is going on with his port.  

Still taking it day by day!



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    That all sounds very

    That all sounds very positive.  Congratulations.  Make a point of doing something special over the weekend to celebrate.



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    Sounds like things are headed in the right direction, here's to his continued improvement of those pesky tumors! 

    Winter Marie

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    Good trend

    Sounds like things are going in the right direction. So happy, pray continues this way.  Jeff

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    great news

    Glad to hear!

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    YoVita said:

    great news

    Glad to hear!

    good news is good news

    However small or big, good news is good news.

    Great to hear,