Extra Sensitive to Mosquito Bites?

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Wondering if anyone who is going through chemo or has finished with chemo has grown more highly sensitive to mosquito bites.  I've always been sensitive and tend to get welts when I am bitten by mosquitos but since I finished chemo a year ago, the bites turn into HUGE welts.  I had one on my cheek a couple of weeks ago that got massive and raised.  It was very itchy too and left a mark (these marks go away after several weeks).  Last weekend, I attended an outdoor dinner and was attacked by mosquitos.  Got  HUGE ones on my neck, my arm, and the side of my hand.  They are so itchy and are realy ugly.  Anyone notice that bug bites are more pronounced now?




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    My husband too!!

    That is funny this came up today. I was just telling my husband he should go back to the doctor because of his rash which started out as a mosquito bite.  He finished chemo about 5 weeks ago and about 2 weeks ago he had a bite on his upper thigh.  He itched and itched until it became the size of a pancake.  It was raised and looked like poison ivy.  He went to the doctor who gave him a topical treatment and 10 days later it is going away.  Our two grandsons had very similar rashes and were treated for poison ivy with prendisone.  The dr. said it wasn't contagious but I washed all our bedding and towels in hot water and won't let him get too close....  I have very sensitive skin so I thought if it was poison ivy I would have caught it by now.  It's crazy how fast his went from a small bite to a huge very itchy rash.  We go back to the oncologist next week so he will show it to him if he still has it.  I will let him know he's not the only one.  He did go to the ENT doctor today who looked at it and he thought it was poison ivy. 


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    My daughter...

    ...always has been sensitive to mosquito bites. What we do is carry extra strength Benadryl ointment and as soon as she got bit we put it on and a few times after. Ice pack will also reduce the swelling.

    When we are on chemo our immune system is messed up so probably your reaction is due to that too.

    Good luck,


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    How coincidental

    I was just in Ohio and was talking about Mosquitos with my children.  They were complaining about them and I wasn't bothered at all.  I told them I noticed since I started chemo that the Mosquitos didn't even come near me, that I assumed it was because the chemo must put off a scent they hate.  I've rathered enjoyed that side effect.  Here's hoping they don't get worse later.  I've been off chemo since April, due to surgery in May and an upcoming surgery for colon resection sometime this or next month.

    Winter Marie

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    My Rick never got bothered by those little pests ever again just as soon as he started chemo - he said that they were "smarter" than we think.  ;)   However, for the rest of us that get attacked regularly, I've found that OFF Clip-ons do a remarkable job of keeing the little buggers away.  A few years ago we went camping with his kids and put them on as soon as the bugs started to come out.  Within seconds there wasn't a mosquito in sight!  We all kept our clips on our waist for four days straight without even a nip.

    Best of luck!


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    Yes! Extra sensitive to Mosquitos

    I think it depends on the person but while I am having my treatments I am a mosquito magnet with the itchy, huge welts. I do put tea tree oil on it as soon as I notice it. that takes the itch out and it disappears allot faster. 

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    I have been not had chemo for 12 months now.  You all just reminded me that I don't think I remember ever getting bitten while I was going through treatments.  Maybe I was giving off some scent to keep them away then.  I felt I smelled like mothballs.  But now...Oh Boy...they attack and my reaction is pretty severe.  I must remember to get those OFF clips and treat the bites with Tea tree oil and/benedryl.  The one on my neck now almost looks like a goiter.  It is massive and itches like crazy.  I've been wondering what people think it is when they see it.  Maybe a swollen hickey?

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    2 and a half years past chemo, I got 5 or 6 bites a day and a half ago. They turned into MASSIVE, raised welts, spread over my whole body, my eyes and ears are swollen. The silver dollar sized welts have all connected, in an unbelievable rash, this has never happened to me before. I'm miserable, and afraid to go outside, which I live for. I also have a photosensitivity now, allergic to the sun since chemo, but it's been a little better lately. Biggest hives me and my Dr. have ever seen-

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    Hello there.

    This is a really old post - 2013, but it is rather interesting, none-the-less.

    I didn't suffer anything like that after my Chemo treatments, but since I had a heart attack, last year, any kind of bite has become a huge issue. I got bitten on the face, last year, and to this day, it still itches, yet there is no sign of a bite. And then on May 29th, I was bitten by Red Ants, and one of the bites continues to be a large, raised lump that itches if I touch it. I blame one of the several heart medications I am on, now.

    I don't doubt Chemo can make some people extra sensitive.


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    Yes!!!! I have gotten an inordinate amount of mosquito bites

    —extremely itchy for MANY days

    all highly unusual for me

    i was wondering if this is related to my treatment

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    I was glad to see this! I’ve gotten 3 mosquito bites in the last few days, & while I’ve always been a mosquito magnet, these bites itch & almost burn much worse than I’m used up. Just finished chemo last week. Good to see the tea tree suggestion. I’d forgotten about how good that is.