Has anyone been through a "chemo-surgery-chemo" treatment plan?

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My wife is desperately seeking info from someone who has been through a "chemo-surgery-chemo" treatment plan. She specifically wants reassurance that her hair will come back after getting zapped twice in such rapid succesion. I posted in another thread and but the responses were from ladies who lost their hair more than once but at longer intervals. Is anyone who has been through this willing to talk with her?



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    I did!

    And Yes my hair did come back as it had been. 

    I did 4 DD A/C late Aug '09  and had surgery on Oct 22, '09 which was 2 weeks after last A/C.  3 weeks after surgery I started 12 weekly Taxol which were followed a week after last one by 25 daily rads.  My hair did not try to come in during the time off of chemo for surgery and it was a bit slow to come back after last rad but it did come back - just as it had been before anyTXs.  Just as straight and dark.  I waas so hopeing that I'd get at least some grey but didn't - I'm cursed with Daddy's hair genes - no one ever gets grey even in their late 90's while Mom's family all got very grey/white quite young.

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    I did also.

    I had six weeks of a/c. Surgery, and six weeks of Taxotere. Then six weeks of radiation. I was diagnosed in 2003 as a stage 3a. I lost my hair after the second treatment of a/c but it started to grow back after surgery. There was a month between chemo and surgery. and another month after surgery till i started Taxotere. I lost what hair did grow back when I started Taxotere. But radiation did not stop the hair from growing. My hair is very straight but when it grew back it was curly. This did not last for as it grew out it became exactly as it was. Straight. 

    Hang in there. 

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    had 8 rounds of chemo surgery

    had 8 rounds of chemo surgery then 11 more round of chemo and as soon as I finished it started growing in

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    Yes...as it turns out....

    First chemo routine was for rectal cancer....Cisplatin/5FU....major hair thinning...eyebrows, etc....but not total,


    Then, after finishing that battle, worked on the second primary, breast cancer.  Within 6 months of the first.  This one was Adriamycin, Cytoxin, Taxol.  And, yes, I lost my hair....


    BUT......7 years later (well, started after a few months post chemo) I have BETTER hair, thicker, and healthier than I have EVER had!!!!


    I'm a bit further out than some, so I can say that with certainty, it returned full force for me....and all of the chemo for the rectal posted 'hair thinning', and Adriamycin posted 'hair loss' as side effects....In fact, between treatments for the breast cancer, my hair would start to grow again....actually, it was rather irritating....the 1/2 inch pieces would then fall out at the next infusion....ITCHY!!!


    Hugs, Kathi