Twilight of treatments

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Today I started a new treatment with Mitomycin every four weeks. Debated wheather to add xeloda but the side effects were to too strong with Mitomycin that I decided that would do a stand alone first. Had two second options  andwall the great oncs came very close to similar recommendations. Since I was dx with stage four rectum with mets to the liver now also to lungs, no surgerybecause of the numerland size of mets. The survival norm is usually two years and now I'm starting my fifth year and my options are getting very limited. My last scan a couple of weeks ago showed my Strivago chemo I started in January was no longer being effective. The tumorswere bigger and more of them. I could tell something wasn't right, dropped to a low weight of 104 lbs even though I was eating pretty good. Had several blood transfusions, blood inspoon, failed kidney, catjust rang CEA up to 40 from teens in April. The recommendation were treatment of Mitomycin either stand alone or with xeloda,enjjus quality of life and no more treatments, clinical trials new treatments if any new medicinescome along. I'm going Mitomycin by its self, good clinical trials...looking into a couple, new treatment if new onescome along and finally just kick back and enjoy life with no treatments. Still have fight in me but who knows it is getting very hard but my great family and friends have too much we want to do. I had a heart to heart talk a couple of weeks and they were told the options are getting short so we need to do as much as possible. They have been so great. Had a great long 4th of July with family picnic with fireworks in back yard with wonderful neighbors and friend.Sunday fishing with older brother and his family and his neighbors. We caught 15 fish of nice size bass and bluegills. We're going to do it again to have a great fish fry. My family is planning some short trips together. The planning is very fun. So however things go we are going to give it a great fight but pray a lot of more good time is there. I pray for everyone here because I know firsthand what we are going through! Everyone is unique in their approach to fighting cancer and that is great. Pray for each other nd enjoy the good days and moments, they are precious!  Jeff


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    You know what is best for

    You know what is best for you...

  • wawaju04976
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    You know what is best for

    You know what is best for you...

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    Dear Jeff

    I am glad to hear that you and your family are making the most of your todays.  Most people, especially without disease, don't do that and have regrets latter.

    I most sincerely hope that your new treatment shows success for you.

    Enjoy the family and friends...and keep on fishing!

    Hugs and love,

    Marie who loves kitties

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    Dear Jeff,

    It is wonderful that you and your family are having a good time and I wish all of you that the cloud of your illness hangs less and less time above you letting the sunshine of good life brighten your days.

    I also wish that the treatment you are receiving gives you a great relief and minimal side effects.

    Enjoy that fresh fish and all the little things in life that really matter.


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    Hi Jeff,
    Wow, you're fifth

    Hi Jeff,

    Wow, you're fifth year! Now that is a success story too. Enjoy each day. Good luck with the new treatment.

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    Good luck

    Good luck with your new treatment,I hope it works.I'm glad youget to enjoy fishing,thats what i'm going to do as soon as I can walk again.I will keep praying for you.