Another birthday

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I am 67 today and happy to see it.  15 months ago I wondered if I'd see 70.  Now with the help of NED, my medical team, and all of you, I am counting on it and hope for many more after that.


  • Sisters three
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    Instead of shooting for 70 try going for 100! I hope you enjoy YOUR day!


  • Kathy G.
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    At one point in my life I never thought I'd look forward to getting older. As the saying goes it's certainly not meant for sissies!

    Now I appreciate each day. We've all earned our stripes!



  • laura25
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    Happy Birthday

    A VERY Happy Birthday Connie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fayard
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    Super Happy Birthday!

    Super Happy Birthday!

  • Kaleena
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Connie!    I was out of town for several days and just got back.    So glad "NED" is with you!     Hoping you had a great time enjoying your friends and family. 





  • elpasorudy
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    Birthday girl

    Congratulatons, Connie. I'm thrilled for you.

  • Sara Zipora
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    Birthday girl

    Congratulatons, Connie. I'm thrilled for you.

    Happiest of Birthdays to yooooou!

    As someone said 'who knew' we'd be in a place that each birthday is seen as an award and reward for winning a major battle. But Yes we are, with your perseverance, and help of those around you, fighting all the way, you proved "You are the little engine that could"!

    May God give you the strength ,wisdom and stick-to-it-ness to make every day a battle that you will win, and an accomplishment that will energize you onward!

    Know that you are never alone, we are on your side in front and behind you, cheering you on. We all relish in eachother's successes, and are here to put our shoulders to the wheel to help get that pesky engine up over small and large hills, so that there will be smooth and is easy riding!

    All the best, and as other warriorettes have said already, enjoy every minute and don't forget to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the moment, hour, day, and year. May the Almighty keep you so that 67 is just the threshold to (as we say) 120 years!

    We raise our cyber glasses on high and say:

    LeChaim! To Life!


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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday and wishing you many many more.

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    Ann55 said:

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday and wishing you many many more.

    Happy Birthday Connie~~~~~

    YAHOO...birthday's are very special to us, now more then ever.....keep 'em coming and do enjoy life....




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    Happy Birthday, Connie