Is constipation a common problem?

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I am so tired of my husband not telling me things so I don't worry which just makes me worry more because I figure it out. For the past month he has been horribly constipated, we are currently on vacation and he has not gone in 4 days. He is always in there trying to go but never does, and of course it's the one thing I don't have anything with me for. He had a clean pet scan about a month ago. I am sure losing a large sum of his colon three years ago has not helped but how long is too long to not go before we should really worry?


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    First, let your Dr know.   4

    First, let your Dr know.   4 days is too long when you consider the normal or ideal is everyday (3xday actually)   It is important to report every detail as there are clues in appearance if there is a problem. 

    If it were me, I would start with softeners and go from there.  Irrigation (enemas), as long as it isn't contraindicated, would be a quick fix.  But, definitely let his Dr know. 

    Hope he has relief soon and you all are enjoying your vacation!

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    Hi there, sorry to hear he's having problems while you're on vacation - ugh!  My husband has had constipation from the first drop of chemo (Folfox) in January.  He ended up back in the hospital in March because of a blockage due to extreme constipation.  He is now on a regimen of Senna laxatives, stool softeners and Metamucil every day.  When he was in the hospital they gave him one dose of Milk of Magnesia and that cleared him out.  The Oxaliplatin has been removed from his treatment because of the hospitalization but he still gets constipated.  He may not feel like eating much if he's "backed up" but if he starts vomiting, take him to the hospital.  I would try the Milk of Magnesia or Miralax as soon as possible.  Good luck!


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    Too long are on vacation with no over the counter meds with you.  Try to get him to drink plain water, as hot as he can stand it.  I have used this instead of meds and had success.

    Also, until he goes, he should not eat bread, cheese, rice or apple those are all good for relieving diahrea.

    If his stomach swells, or he has abdominal pain, get him to emergency room.

    Also make sure he drinks lots of regular temp water after this passes...this is what helps facilitate the "go".

    Marie who loves kitties