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Hi all

My mother has been diagnosed with a tumor in her spine which caused a vertrebrate to fracture and pinch a nerve.  The spinal surgeon made a diagnosis of a secondary cancer based on the MRI of the tumor.  They have no idea of the primary site and have just run a serious of head to toe imaging tests.  Besides the pain from the tumor pushing on the nerve she feels fine and has had no symptoms of anything leading up to this.  I'm also surprised they could make a concrete diagnosis without a biopsy of the tumor itself (they still didn't take a biopsy even when running the next lot of imaging tests.  I know denial is a classic reaction to news like this but could it still be possible the tumor is benign or in fact a primary cancer site?

 I love my Mum and am terrified of what lays ahead.  I try to keep away from the internet but I haven't been too successful and know that if it's a bone met her prognosis is not favorable.  I'm trying to stay positive until the test results come back but its tough and I can't help but fear the worst when they eventually meet with Mum to discuss the results.  My Mum has elected not to seek any information about it and just talks about wanting it to be cut out so she can move on with her life.  I don't know what to tell her as I know that is unlikely and deep down I think she does too. Seems so bizarre that she could be so well beyond the pinched nerve yet have such an advanced cancer that the tumor is secondary.  Has this happened to anyone else?

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    My father dx w/ Esphogas
    My father dx w/ Esphogas cancer 9/2012. Now has bone Mets to spine and hip. They did an xray which showed the lesion so they did a Pet scan and there it was nice and bright. They havent done ant biopsies yet because the scan proved it to be cancer. Im like you too, terrified. Hes already fought the EC,, now this. Chemo and radiation is starting this week. This has turned our lives upside down, but my family has stuck together for support and its helped. We cried for the 1st time with dad, it seemed to lift some weight off our shoulders. Now we fight. Be by your moms side if you can, all the steps she might have to take are scary. She needs all the support she can get. We will add you to our prayers!!