Symptoms of Recurrent Thyroid Cancer

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I was diagnosed with Papillary and Follicular thyroid cancer in July of 2010 at the age of 19. After surgery, which I had a total thyroidectomy and 24 lymph nodes taken from my neck (only 7 were cancerous) I was give a smaller dose of RAI. Had the scan, came back normal. Had another scan one year later in 2011 and it also came back normal. I've been on a high dose of synthroid (0.2MG) which my doctor thinks is a little crazy because I'm a 5'5 120 pound woman. I've seen my doctor pretty frequently and my blood tests have come back normal. I am now here, 22, with three lymph nodes swollen on the right side of my neck (no surgery was performed there initially) I have done two ultrasounds since we've been aware of these lymph nodes. My doctor says that they haven't grown any bigger and so far she is not concerned. I am about to do the Thyrogen shot next week with a Thyrogen scan (will not be abliated) I have been having chest pain where my ribs meet my sternum on the left side of my chest. I have seen the chiropractor for this and he has popped me 3 separate times now, which help initially but the pain comes back. I have been googling symptoms of recurrant thyroid cancer that has metastasized and cannot seem to find anything. I have had a chest x-ray that was negative. But, being a semi-hypochondriac I am nervous that my cancer may have spread to my bones. I don't have any trouble breathing, which I would say eliminates the spread to my lungs. But I cannot find any symptoms for if it has moved to the bones. Anyone else's cancer spread to their bones? And what were your symptoms? 



Also, anyone with recurrent thyroid cancer that has only spread to the neck: How were you treated a second time? Same as before? How long has it been since you've been treated? Are you doing well? 







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    See my comments under Life AFter Thyroidectomy.

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    In my own experience there were no symptoms of the return of the thyroid cancer and I was cancer free for 11 years.  Mine in particular was masticised to my sinuses and my upper chest.  No lymph nodes or bones involved but I doubt you would have such strong symptoms but bone cancer is difficult to diagnose.  Ask for test to track your calcium levels...if it is high and gets higher in a fairly short period of time...a biopsy might be in order.