Anyone ever feel like this ?

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Hello all ! I just spent a couple days with my 3 children and my grandaughter. loved every minute of it, saw a parade, had a cookout and a fire in the yard. Back home now....

I was wondering, has anyone every felt weak and achy going into their 3rd week after chemo? I am due for my second treatment a week from this Thursday and today Im achy all over, more so than the past 2 weeks. I walked 3 blocks to my daughters house and I had to sit down, was a little exhausting. I love to walk too. Not liking this one...........


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    I was really weak after first

    I was really weak after first chemo.  And I was pathetic the third week. 

    So far, I am doing better with second round, but I have not been a full week (had chemo last Thursday).  The neulasta is beginning to give me some bone pain, but nothing horrible.

    Take it easy and let your body guide you.  When you can, of course, a stroll is great for you, but it may have to be a stroll around the house until you get stronger.

    Sending gentle hugs and prayers.