Anyone with Celebrex experience?

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I had posted on this forum about my husband couple of months back. I will give short description here again.

My husband , 33 now, was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer in March 2012 with mets to lungs and brain

April 2012- Nephrectomy done, May 2012- Cyber knife for three brain lesions

July 2012, October 2012 - two cycles of HDIL-2.. wonderful results from that. Almost all lungs mets cleared up, now torso is stable.

Jan 2013- 3 new brain lesions with one in spine ( C1-C2 area), beginning of spine

Feb 2013- Cyberknife for brain lesions along with 3 weeks External beam radiation for spine

March 2013- One new spot in brain

April- Cyberknife for one lesion in brain

May 6, 2013- BRain MRI stable, but there is lot of swelling. he was on high dose of decadron, but now as he is on tapering schedule, swelling is coming back. Now doctor is prescribing CELEBREX which is mainly Arthiritis drug.

Anyone having/had experience of celebrex?

Thank you.


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    InterestingInteresting.  Why did he prescribe Celebrex?  I was told to stay away from NSAIDS like Ibuprofin, Celebrex, etc as it is very hard on the kidneys.  Since I only have one now, I have not taken it since my surgery 2.5 years ago. I would ask the question...good luck!