May 29th Surgery

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Butterflys will fly out of my stomach when they cut me. Getting a bit nervous with 5 days left . Not sure how long I will be out of work? I"m having Robotic surgery for a 3.4cm. on the back bottom left kidney. Not sure if there going through the front or the back yet. So far Bud Lite and mother nature has helped alot. Any advise would be helpful of what to expect next. THX


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    I am now 9 days on the other side of that surgery!

    You will be GREAT!  Start drinking lots of water now!  Load up on the protein while you can still have solid food.  The two days before are a bit of a trial with the digestive tract cleansing, but think about the great meal just the other side! You can do this!

    Take your pain meds!  You are NOT G.I. Joe or some super hero.  You will need them!  Take them.  I found a large bottle of prune juice solves the pending discomfort of gas and constipation.  Take your time.  Pace activity and let your body heal! Listen to your body.  It will tell you when you have pushed too hard. I don't know about others, but even at nine days out now, I still have some problems with the realignment of my internal organs!  LOL  Learning to recognize body function signals can be thrilling! Embarassed They will be different. Sometimes I can't tell if I am hungry or nauseous!  The "OTHER" signals are a little tough to read too!

    Your VA nursing staff is overworked, stretched too thin, but will still give you the best service and care they can under the circumstances.

    Get and keep a positive attitude going in and joke with your staff as you are going in!  At this point I was talking to my tumor, telling it that its days are numbered and it will never harm me again! LOL  Time to get angry, determined, and put on your game face!  We will all be waiting right here for the news of another successful assault on RCC!

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    You'll be fine!

    I am sure you will get through this with flying colors! Keep your head up and stay positive. We'll be waiting to hear all about it when you are up to posting again. You will be in our prayers!

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    Robotic Surgery

    Hi Keith,

    I had Robotic surgery at the end of March, my tumour was at the top of the right kidney. Your tumour is in a more  accessible area being at the bottom left. I had six incisions, three small in the stomach and three larger  towards the groin. During the surgery I was on an inflatable pad, which lifts and tips you at an angle, so I experienced some back pain afterwards. I was on morphine when I came round so there was very little pain. I did have shoulder pain which is normal and pressure up under the ribs. I had a drain in, which was there for three days until it was clear of blood.

    I was up and slowly walking around on the second day, it does help to get things moving. Once off the morphine and on regular pain killers I became more aware of the pain, it was more like extreme soreness. The pressure under the ribs was the worst part for me, I found sitting too uncomfortable, standing or laying down was better. 

    Stocked up on prune juice before the surgery, it is the best thing for getting the bowel moving. Also drink plenty of water each day before you go in for surgery, it helps if you are hydrated before hand. Also of course you should keep up with your water consumption after the op. You can expect to be resting for a couple of weeks at least, but just pace yourself, don't overdo it.... Hope some of that information is of help!

    You are bound to be anxious but you will be on the other side of it soon, you will be fine. We will be thinking of you:)