focal cryoablation

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Does anyone have any knowledge of Cyro that treats only the tumor and leaves you with a functioning prostate like the lumpectomy for brest cancer. Below is the information I am reading about, is this true or just PR. from this Dr. ????

Data has show that focal cryoablation is as good for prostate cancer control as any other treatment—including surgery, radiation and hormone therapy—but it is less invasive and traumatic for patients, preserves sexual and urinary function and has no major complications. Interventional radiologists tailor treatment to each patient's disease. Instead of removing the entire prostate, or freezing the entire prostate or using radiation on the entire prostate, interventional radiologists can find out where the cancer is and just destroy the cancer," said study author Gary M. Onik, M.D., interventional radiologist and director of the Center for Safer Prostate Cancer Therapy in Orlando, Fla.



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    Cryo for PC

    it seems I've heard of it but have never even seen it discussed here and that's in 10 years of posting and reading.  I have a bad back, a surgery group advertises mininimal almost painless surgery.  My neuro surgeon said If they have to advertise so much maybe it's because they're not very good.......

    Perhaps you should look around for other choices and in the process raise this very question with the Docs you see. jj

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    it's new

    I am having my urologist inquire about the availibility of focal cryoablation at UCLA here in Los Angeles. This may be, so I'm told, just becoming available. Cryoablation, once again "so I am told", has previously involved freezing the entire prostate, which has produced many problems hard to live with; by freezing only the tumor, they can get the job done with fewer problems. I am also told this may be something that could be done, even after radiology. I am hoping this all proves to be true.