Hello, I've been lurking for a while and decided the time was right to sign up!



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    Roddy2 said:

    Welcome to the clan

    Hi Ursula,

    Sorry you have to join us but welcome to the mix. Been through the 8 shots of Oxally and got similar results to you at around 30%. Also similar response from Onc that nothing is operable. Now up to round 21 of Folfox, so will keep persisting and hopefully still getting reductions in size. What part of Oz are you in? I am in sunny Qld.

    cheers and stay well.


    Hi Roddy

    I'm glad you getting good results, keep it up!   Lucky you living in sunny QLD, I'm in not so sunny Melbourne.  

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    Beachlace said:

    Hi Ursula!
    Im new here too,

    Hi Ursula!


    Im new here too, although I was just diagnosed with sigmoid colon cancer on March 27, underwent surgery on 4/23 and one of 9 lymph nodes were invaded; so stage 3a.  Im having the port put in next week and then will start on oxy once every 3 weeks and xeloda in pill form for 14 days.  I am just beginning my journey.  


    Glad you decided to join in!



    Hi Kelley

    Good luck with your treatment next week - and make sure to enjoy your "off" week. Let us know how you go. 

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    Welcome to the group.  There are many on here that were told they were not candidates for surgery and ended up with it.  The oxy is such a terrible drug and can affect you way beyond after you stop.  Let your doctor know of any side effects you have and especially if they are getting worse.  It sounds like you have a wonderful future planned with all your trips.  It's wonderful that you have planned for that and I'm sure you will enjoy every moment.  You are very lucky to have such a wonderful support system through this journey.  Wishing continued improvement.


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    welcome ursula

    I am 46 from Sydney and recently had inoperable mets liver, peritoneum and lung. At present I am NED using immunotherapies and holistic medicine and conventional.

    PM me if you are interested. Getting off heavy duty systemic chemo was the best move I took in saving my life. Thats my experience anyway.

    If you are in Sydney there is an excellent colorectal support group at the SAN hospital.