Hi mates this is FRIDAY! Any interesting plan for the weekend ?

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I will try to weak early ( difficult to me on Sat) and go to a park with my wife sit there in a nice bar an have a nice " aperitif " then by night go to dinner with my wife sister .
No plans for tomorrow yet since my crazy brother is sailing in a race to Greece ! He is the one that use to organise most of the family gatherings ! ( I say crazy as is still a bit cold and rainy in the med and winds blowing heavy until mid June).
What about you mates?


  • PhillieG
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    I've been getting involved with local politics and will be helping a newly formed political party by building their website. 

  • marbleotis
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    Just enjoying

    Looking forward to just enjoying - no plans!

  • steveandnat
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    Nothing to exciting

    After spendinso almost two weeks in the hospital, we need to replenish the house withsome groceries. Im still trying to get use to the catheter.  No visiting the kids this weekend. Maybe rent some movies. Pray everyone is as well as possible.  Jeff

  • ron50
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    G'day Pepe
    Been doing car maintainance. Going bush next weekend for a week of fishing. It used to be a half hour job to change the oil and the filters. With no feeling in my feet legs and left hand it takes a while longer. Still I have this feeling if I don't do this trip I may not get another chance ,so I have battled thru all of the crap and am just about ready to go,Cheers Ron.
  • abrub
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    Today, I watched alpacas get shorn

    and go from lovely furry beasts into scrawny comical-looking ones!  We also visited with some long-time family friends whom we hadn't seen in years.  Also spent time with my 95 year-old mother, and my siblings and their wives (all separate visits, tho they all live near each other, about 130 miles (200km) from my home.  (The alpacas belong to my sister.)

    All in all, a good day.  Tomorrow, a lazy day at home.  Husband has an archery tournament, and I'm not driving yet after my shoulder surgery.  However, I am healing well, and have a lot of use of my arm back.

  • AnnLouise
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    A fun day at Wrigley Field....

    A Cus game....