gamma knife suggested for rectal recurrence

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After 4 cycles of avastin and folfiri,dad has been asked to go for gamma knife to resect the is done as out patient procedure...

any one got this done before...any ideas...pls?



  • mukamom
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    Robert had this done

    on liver tumor Cyberknife,...a type of stereotatic radiation that targets just the tumor and side effects are minimal.  With Robert's tx, docs had to place "markers" around the tumor, and map into the computer the location.  the markers kept the radiation beams on the tumor, which moves around because of his breathing.  He had three treatments which effectively killed the tumor.  

    Don't know if this is what they are planning for your dad.

    Good Luck


  • devotion10
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    Jane283: I see you have written several posts that no one has

    responded to yet regarding your concerns about your Dad's rectal cancer reoccurrence.  While I do not have helpful information or advice for you ... I assure you that others will.  Wishing you and your father the best. -- Cynthia