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My mom had adenocarcinoma of cervix stage 2 in 2008.She was treated with radiation and cisplatin.They also did a total hysterectomy.Took out ovaries and lymph nodes too.2 months ago they found large lesions- 10cm and 8 cm on the right and left lung.No pleural effusion.The biopsy suggests endometrial carcinoma with lung mets.It is ER,PR,EGFR negative,vimentin positive.The cancer is stage 4.However at that time there was no evidence of cancer anywhere else in the body ,as determined by PET.
She is now on chemo - carboplatin and taxol.She is doing ok except for anemia and headaches.The headaches respond to paracetamol.They typically occur at night.She has had 9 rounds of chemo- weekly infusions.Now she is getting 2 weeks break before they do PET scan and brain MRI.
She is getting treated in India.If the tumors have not shrunk with this medication,what other medicines can be given?
Anyone from India on this board?
I live in the US,I am their only child and feel very helpless.I am looking for some support.



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    The endometrial cancer which has metasticized to her lungs is still endometrial cancer and will be treated with what ever is appropriate for that type.  I have no idea what vimentin positive means to lung cancers.  Because its endometrial positive you may get better answers under the gynological cancers.  Many chemos are cancer specific and some can actually accelerate the growth of other cancers.  

    Unfortunately for your mom, cancer cells can circulate through the blood for a long time before getting stuck in a spot where it then attaches.  I hope you get the info you need there.  Mostly, I hope this line of chemo works.